• CC 15.05.1 stable Openwrt firmware with time trial now available in the Downloads area. Revert back to original factory firmware anytime!
  • EASY & SAFE flashing of OpenWRT firmware directly using any web browser, without opening and risk bricking your device.
  • 100% backward flashable to factory firmware, in the event you need to make a warranty claim for a defective hardware.
  • MANY applications such as VPN, Captive Portal, Meshing, Tor, Radius, Aircrack... turning your router into a super device .
  • CUSTOMIZED firmware for bulk flashing can be tailored accordingly to your requirements. Drop us an email with your request for a quotation.

Why should I use the firmware here and is it guaranteed to work or money refunded?

The firmware on this site are tested intensively and repeatably to ensure that it can be flashed from the manufacturer's firmware to the Openwrt firmware and vice versa. You have simply zero chance of bricking damaging your device.

If it so, why do we not offer refund if the firmware cannot be activated for use?

Because, if we do so some people will abuse this policy and asking for refund even the firmware has been activated and they claimed it failed and this is the very grey area of dispute. Simply to avoid this situation, you can try out the free area or kindly look elsewhere for the Openwrt firmware if you do not agree to our "No refund Policy".

What are EZ devices?

EZ devices are Plug and Play and have a special easy wizard setup menu on top of the Openwrt web based GUI that allows easy configuration without the need to connect any LAN cable and eliminate the troublesome assignment of static IP address on your laptop or computer. In short, it can be directly configured with a smart phone or tablet.

What are Captive Portal Ready devices?

Captive Portal Ready devices are wireless router that can perform guest authentication through preferred methods such as payment required, vouchers, social media login, email login, etc.. with a third party captive portal operator. Usually, a subscription is required. Our Captive Portal firmware supports wireless meshing, VLAN tagging, zero configuration and zero IT knowledge.

Can I have a mixed of MAC addresses of different models when purchasing bulk activation?

Yes, you can match and mix different MAC addresses of different models

Does EasyWRT develop the Openwrt firmwares?

No, we do not write or develop the Openwrt firmware. Openwrt firmware is possible because of the hard work of their accredited authors and many contributors, and we do not take credit for it. We merely write some html codes to faciliate the ease of configuration at the request of our customers and repeatably test the firmware over and over, to ensure it is totally error free before releasing it on our website.

Why is there only Engenius Openwrt firmware on this site?

Our company started as a software integrator, aiding customer to customize their ERP solution on UNIX based machines. We enhance user interface so that new employees can quickly adapt to using the ERP through wizards and the quick buttons.

We were approached by our then now 'customer' with a challenge to create a easy user interface to configure engenius router running on a UNIX based operating system. Most wireless routers require a wired Ethernet connection from a computer or laptop to the device and some changing of the the local IP address of the computer or laptop before it can communicate with the device and this was troublesome with people without IT knowledge. We took up the challenge and created the webased EZ solution for engenius running on Openwrt, where ethernet cables are never required ( except for powering up some devices :P ) for configuration and an enhanced wizard interface to assist layman to easily configure their engenius devices. 

Once, we are completed with engenius project, we will look further into the brands with also such similarities, such as Edimax, Zyxel.. etc. If you need a customized web based user interface of any brand of wireless router, do let try us out!

How does the firmware and activation works?

First, you download a firmware on this site of the type of device you have. If you tried to flash an incorrect firmware of another device, the engenius web based interface will inform you of that.

Once you flashed a correct firmware obtained on this site for your device, the device wll reboot. Go to your last set IP address on your web browser for your device and you will have instruction to enter an activation code. 

Purchase a Single Instant activation code on this site though Paypal. Follow instructions from Paypal to return to this site and enter the reference code. An Activation will be generated and you will also received this activation code in your email address registered with us. Also, you can self-check for the activation code in our Self-Check Area. If you do not wish to pay anything or want to verify if the firmware is indeed usable, then use the firmware from the Free Area (No Kernel Log, LED and Hardware Button Reset Support). 

Enter the Activation Code when prompted and your device willl be unlocked to the full Openwrt, with Telnet, SSH, Web Based access.

Where are the source codes accordingly to GPL?

Easy Ideas Software Inc. does not write source code. Our work are based on raw HTML coding. The payable activitation code is to protect our work on the HTML coding and many many hours of intensive testing to ensure the openwrt firmware does not brick or damage your device and can be reverted back to the original firmware easily. If you are looking for source codes, then go to www.openwrt.org.

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